East End entertainment is launched a new YouTube music video channel

East End entertainment is launched a new YouTube music video channel.

East End entertainment is launched a new YouTube music video channel with the unveiling of their first song, Rail Gadi.

The song was launched in the presence of singer Raj Barman, Lyricist Priyo Chattopadhyay, Singer Saptak Bhattacharya, singer Sudipto Gayen, singer Sourin Bhatt and many more eminent personalities of the Kolkata Tollywood Film Industry.

When asked why an online music video channel?

We think the consumption of music has changed in this generation. They don’t buy albums anymore but they do listen to songs as singles. And along with a song they demand to see a music video with it as well. This is just a humble presentation to make people happy.

Style of the song: It is a smart & modern Hindi song. It’s a peppy danceable number that we think we’ll be sure hit with the new generation. Duration of the song: 4 Minute 19 Seconds.

Concept of the song: it is a smart, modern Hindi song with an interesting humorous story line. A bold and forward thinking girl is trying to tease and woo a somewhat shy boy. But the boy becomes apprehensive of such an approach and runs away.

Female Singer: Poulomi Chatterjee, Composer: Ashok Raaj (He is a senior composer in Kolkata Tollywood film industry. He has composed lots of Bengali film music in his career), Lyricist: Ashok Raaj, Music arranger: Som Chakraborty, Studio: East End Entertainment, Concept of the video: Abu Salim, Concept is by: Abu Salim, It was shot in: Mandarmani, Actor: Basir, Actress: Shilindhra, Video director: Som Chakraborty, Cameraman / Videography: Som Chakraborty, Future scope: We have already recorded songs by singers: Raj Barman and Rupankar and plan to release them soon.

Also, apart from music videos, we’ll also eventually be going into featuring web series on our channel.

About East End Entertainment It is the first entrepreneurial endeavor of young Atif Salim. Being a music enthusiast and a modern-era digital native, he wanted to combine both of his passions and settled on creating an online music video channel.

Incidentally, he is the son of Abu Salim of Mega sound / Salim Productions who had given us Bengali film hits like Trishul, Raja Saheb, Gariber Sanman etc.

Link of the Main song Rail Gadi:

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